Different Ways to Remove Teeth Stains

While teeth stains can put a damper on your confidence, with regular brushing and quality whitening products, there’s hope for a whiter smile. However, some whitening toothpastes can cause sensitivity if they’re overly abrasive. Explore your options for getting rid of teeth stains with this infographic from Sensodyne, and begin to whiten and brighten your teeth while being gentle to your enamel.

Infographic explaining uses and active ingredients in Sensodyne Clinical White

Combat Stains with Sensodyne Clinical White

Stain removal is a key component to keeping your teeth healthy while also keeping them their whitest. You don’t have to trade enamel health away to get your best and brightest smile. Add Sensodyne Clinical White to your toothcare routine to actively whiten your teeth and prevent future stains. See how Clinical White can help your teeth become 2 shades whiter.*

*As shown in an 8-week study^With twice-daily brushing

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