How Does Sensodyne Rapid Relief Work?

Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste works to beat sensitivity pain fast—it’s clinically proven to relieve sensitivity pain in 3 days.* Learn more about sensitive teeth and how our formulation works.

*With twice daily brushing

Sensodyne Rapid Relief sensitivity toothpaste

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity Pain?

Sensitivity pain occurs when the softer inner layer of the tooth, called dentin, becomes exposed—revealing small holes, or tubules. When you eat hot or cold foods and drinks, they reach the exposed dentin tubules and trigger the nerves inside your teeth, causing a short, sharp pain.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief Ingredients

Sensodyne Rapid Relief uses an active ingredient called stannous fluoride to quickly build a layer over exposed dentin. At the first brush, it starts to form a protective barrier that quickly blocks the tiny holes in the sensitive areas of your teeth. It provides clinically significant sensitivity pain relief in just 3 days* and thereafter, giving you the relief you want in the time you need it—beating sensitivity pain fast.*

Using Sensodyne Rapid Relief as your daily toothpaste provides lasting protection* so you can manage sensitivity both now and in the future. Plus, it provides the benefits of a regular toothpaste, like cavity protection and breath freshening, to help you maintain a healthy mouth.

The science behind how Sensodyne Rapid Relief helps sensitive teeth
  • EXPOSED DENTIN: The cause of sensitivity pain
  • Tiny holes in dentin
  • Fasting-acting formula
  • Quickly creates a barrier
  • Fast relief from pain
Sensodyne Rapid Relief sensitivity toothpaste provides pain relief in 3 days