3 Things to Say to Yourself in the Bathroom Mirror to Instantly Increase Positivity

3 Things to Say to Yourself in the Bathroom Mirror to Instantly Increase Positivity

Positivity is a powerful tool. Just reframing your thoughts in a positive light can help reduce stress and even improve your health. But if you tend to be a “glass is half-empty” kind of person, no worries. You can actually learn to practice optimism, and one easy way to start is with positive self-talk. Think mantras, or uplifting sayings you can repeat to yourself to create good vibes.

“When you engage in positivity, the lens of how you see the world changes,” said Noelle Cordeaux, CEO and cofounder of JRNI Coaching, a life-coach training company. “Mantras are great because they can take the place of a negative thought or emotion — just remember intention and repetition is key.” So while you’re staring at the mirror after brushing your teeth, commuting to work, or just hanging out on your sofa, these mantras can help you reframe your thoughts to feed your brain with positivity.

Daily Mantras To Increase Positivity

Start your day on a high note.

One positive way to start your day, said Cordeaux, is by setting an intention during that quiet moment right after you’ve brushed your teeth or hair. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or profound. Cordeaux says to create your own intention mantra by filling in the blank for this statement:

“I’d like to have today be a _____ day.”

Productive, peaceful, thoughtful — you can pick the same goal to fill that blank everyday, or change things up regularly in response to what you need at a certain time. All that matters is that the goal fosters positivity. The more positive emotions you can cultivate, the more positive experiences you may have, which may ultimately keep you healthier in the long run!

Check your negativity periodically.

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve just been assigned a task at work or school that sounds impossible for you to finish in time. Or your barista messes up your order at the coffee shop, and you’re convinced the whole day is now doomed. The next time you find negative thoughts like these creeping into your head — and it can happen several times a day — Cordeaux said to stop and repeat this mantra a few times:

“I’d like to have today be a _____ day.”

Say this in your head or aloud when you find yourself internalizing blame for something that’s not your fault, anticipating the worst, or seeing only the bad side of a situation. If it helps, move back to the bathroom or another judgement-free zone, and look yourself in the eyes as you say it. Research suggests that while persistent negative thinking can damage our mental and physical health, cultivating persistent positive thoughts may actually build us up by easing stress and increasing a sense of well being. The more you can interrupt those swirling negative thoughts with neutral or positive ones, the better!

Go freestyle.

According to Cordeaux, mantras are stronger if there’s work and self-discovery underlying them. So make it personal. “If you make a big discovery about yourself or know what you want to work on, write it down — this can be powerful,” Cordeaux said. Indeed, research suggests that writing down goals may help you achieve them easier than just saying them out loud.

So, if you want to find more happiness in your life, you could try writing something down like:

“I’d like to have today be a _____ day.”

The moral of the story is that little moments matter, including the moments where you're able to take time to meditate on a mantra or enjoy your daily hot cup of coffee without pain. Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste provides relief from tooth sensitivity in as little as three days with twice daily brushing, so make it — and positivity-inducing mantras — a part of your daily routine. You deserve it!