About Acid Erosion

The Effects of Acid Erosion

We may not be able to see the effects of acid erosion ourselves in the early stages, but dental professionals can check for the early signs at the same time as they’re checking for tooth decay or gum disease.

Even if our teeth look healthy today, acids in everyday food and drink can still cause enamel wear to develop over time. Here’s a list of what tooth enamel erosion looks like:

Smile of a woman with white teeth

1. Yellowing

If significant amounts of enamel are worn away from the body of the tooth, the slightly yellow dentine layer underneath can become more visible.

2. Dull or Discoloured

As the enamel wears away, our teeth may lose their shine, making them appear dull.

3. Translucent or See-Through

As more enamel wears away, tips of teeth, particularly front teeth can appear translucent.

4. Sensitivity

As the protective enamel wears away, the underlying dentine layer can become exposed. This can result in sensitive teeth.

5. Rounded edges

The edges of your teeth are the most exposed to acid erosion.

Fortunately, it’s easy to take action to reduce these risks. It is important to check your diet, protect and strengthen your teeth, and help stop acid erosion from getting any worse. To find out more, read our section on how to protect against acid erosion.