Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Teeth with Hot Foods and Drinks

From freezing cold ice cream to a hot cup of coffee, if you have sensitive teeth, these everyday foods and drinks can trigger an unexpected jolt of pain. This pain is the result of gums receding or enamel wearing away over time, exposing the soft inner part of the tooth called dentine. When dentine is exposed, the nerves inside your teeth can be stimulated by cold and hot, causing tooth sensitivity.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your sensitive teeth to hot foods and drinks.

3 Ways to Update Your Oral Care Routine

Use a soft bristled toothbrush for sensitive teeth two times a day

1. Brush twice every day with a toothpaste that provides daily care for sensitive teeth.

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2. Watch out for acidic foods and drinks. If you consume acidic food and drinks frequently throughout the day, you may be at risk from acid wear which could lead to sensitive teeth.

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3. Brush carefully with a soft bristle brush, particularly along the gumline, to maintain gum health.